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It is universal truth and history is also evident that some great people have done many welfare works for other persons living outside the line of society. The great people have done social welfare work for others without any personal interest. With the passage of many years the above work is called social work and involved great persons were recognized as social workers.

At present whole world is available as a platform for social workers. Various cultures have developed in different countries but most of the social issues are common. At present a large area and bigger challenges are there for social workers. In this regards ISWA continues to be ahead of others and providing the best platform for social workers.

ISWA intends to fulfill twin purpose:

  1. To promote the social work profession across the country with an aim of improving the quality of services in the social welfare and social development sectors under one roof, and
  2. To provide worldwide protection of the interests of social workers

The association is a premier international association of social workers and allied helping professionals engaged in group work. The purpose of this non-profit, member-driven organization is to promote excellence in group work practice, education, field instruction, research, etc. The goals of this association are realized through a programme of action and advocacy both at local and international levels.


  1. Mr Jalim Singh, President
  2. Mrs Mithlesh Singh, Director
  3. Mr Ashok Kumar Verma, Director
  4. Mr VK Nayak, Director
  5. Mr Rajesh Singh, Director
  6. Mr Pawan Singh, Director
  7. Dr Naresh Pal Singh, Treasurer/Project Coordinator
  8. Mr Pranay Sarkar, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Legal Advisor
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